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Case Studies:


Aerospace: Chips really fly at aerospace subcontractor

After a decade of mergers between aerospace companies such as Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed-Martin, and Northrop-Grumman, the industry has gone through some rather significant changes. Among these are down-sizing of their work force and the trend to...   Read More


Automobiles: Indian motorcycles - On the road with Mighty

With the resurgence of motorcycles on American highways, Indian Motorcycle is on the road. The long-awaited debut of the legendary motorcycle came less than five months after the Indian Motorcycle Company secured the rights to the Indian Motorcycle trademark early in 1999. Read More...


Medical: Precision Machining

With manufacturers constantly improving the performance and reliability of their mechanical designs, they want subcontractors that can supply finished parts that reflect the accuracy demanded by the new sophistication found in these designs. Read More...



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