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Viper VT15XL to VT-17XL  can handle a wide-range of turning, milling or center work. Features a 12-tool turret with a tool change speed of 0.5 seconds.

Model Numbers

15L, 17XL


Machine Model 15L17L
Swing Over Z Way18.9 (480)
Turning Diameter Max.11.2 (280)16.5 (420)
Turning Length Max. 14.6 (370)
X-Travel6.3+0.6 (160+15)8.8+0.4 (225+10)
Z-Travel18.5 (470)
Spindle Nose TypeA2-5A2-6
Spindle Thru Hole 2.0 (51)2.4 (61)
Bar Capacity 1.7 (43)2.0 (51)
Spindle Speed Range 6,000 rpm5,000 rpm
Spindle Drive Motor** 15 / 20* hp
Tool Number10 (L) / 12 (LM)*
Units = inch(mm) *Optional accessory **30 min. rating